What to Expect


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Regardless of the degree of service you wish to undertake with your properties, Living Colors delivers a standard unmatched by others in the industry. When you call Living Colors we will answer the calls personally and return messages promptly. In most instances you will speak directly with either Jeff or Marc. We will do an initial onsite inspection of the property and consult with you to assess your needs. Then we present the proposal to you both personally and in writing.

It is at the core of our philosophy that a regular, vested presence on site will prevent damages to the property and reduce liability. Leaks, frozen pipes, ice dams, broken glass, rodent infestation, and vandalism are just a few of the problems vacant homes are at risk for. Any damage to the home reduces the marketability as well as the market value of the home.

With every property we contract to maintain we provide onsite walkthroughs no less than weekly. Our visibility onsite will deter vandalism. Walkways will remain cleared and sanded reducing liability. Overall, our attention will give your property the cared for appearance that potential buyers are looking for.



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